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Amplifier repeater GSM 3G 900MHz 1800MHz 2100MHz 75dB with antennas and cables

Product ID GW08

Technical summary

  • Outdoor omnidirectional antenna 806-960MHz and 1710-2500MHz with 8/9dBi gain.
  • Antenna indoor panel 800-960MHz and 1710-2690MHz with gain 6.5/8dBi.
  • 2 coaxial cables of 5m and 10m with N male connectors at both ends.
  • GSM and 3G signal repeater/amplifier.
  • Source of Ali5 VDC rating.
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Product available. Delivery time 1-3 days. 2 years warranty. 14 days return period.
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GSM and 3G signal repeater in the frequencies 900Mhz, 1800MHz and 2100MHz. The frequencies 900/1800/2100MHz are used in GSM/3G mobile telephony for digital transmission of voice and 3G data transmission. Ideal to increase the quality of the mobile phone signal in environments where coverage is lacking. The typical installation could be an indoor room (poor signal quality), where the GSM/3G repeater is placed, whileon the outside the receiving antenna is placed (good signal quality).

Contents of the kit

  • Outdoor omnidirectional antenna 806-960MHz and 1710-2500MHz with 8/9dBi gain.
  • Antenna indoor panel 800-960MHz and 1710-2690MHz with gain 6.5/8dBi.
  • 2 coaxial cables of 5m and 10m with N male connectors at both ends.
  • GSM and 3G signal repeater/amplifier.
  • Source of Ali5 VDC rating.
  • Necessary screws.


Weight: 3.94 Kg.
Number of packages: 1
Package sizes:
38 x 25 x 23 cm.Package volume: 21850.000 cm3.
This product is not available with different sizes
Color unspecified

[!] Weights, sizes, colors and shapes are only approximate and may differ from those represented, although the functionality of the product never differ with those specified

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Technical terms used
  1. dBm

  2. GSM

  3. Hz

  4. Impedance Ω

  5. VDC


The dBm (sometimes also dBmW or decibel-milliwatt) is a unit of measurement of power expressed in decibels (dB) relative to one milliwatt (mW). It is used in radio networks, microwave and optical fiber as a convenient measure of absolute power because of their ability to express both very large and very small values ??in short form. It is distinct from dBW, which refers to one watt (mW 1,000). Typical values:
  • 21 DBM-> 125 MW> Maximum output power for a mobile phone UMTS/3G (phone power class 4).
  • 15 DBM-> 32 MW> Typical power transmission WiFi laptops.
  • 0 DBM-> 1.0 mW = 1000 ?W-> Standard Bluetooth Class 3 coverage 1m.
  • DBM- -10> 100 ?W-> Typically the maximum Potentiometeria that can be received on a wireless network (-10 to -30 dBm).
  • -194 DBM-> 0.00004 AW-> thermal noise bandwidth of 1 Hz in outer space (4 kelvin).

Fuente de la información sobre DBM:


The global system for mobile communications (English Global System for Mobile communications, GSM, and originally from the French groupe spécial mobile) is a standard system, royalty-free, digital mobile phone. A GSM client can connect through your phone to your computer and send and receive emails, faxes, surf the Internet, access to the computer network security acompany (LAN/Intranet) and use other functions of digital data, including short message service (SMS) or text messages. What are the differences between GSM and UMTS? The GSM system operates by TDMA, ie, time is divided into slots and each user is assigned a slot, ie, a period for which data can be transmitted. Therefore each channel is shared by a ndetermined number of users. The system is a UMTS (WCDMA) code division multiple access broadband. In this system there are no time slots and GPRS. All users transmit simultaneously on the channel, but each user signals are encoded with a unique code so that even though we think that an "indecipherable signal" is formed by using the same frequencies simultaneously, It is not toyes, because the base station is capable of decoding and re perfectly separate each of the communications received from different users. This obviously implies a much higher channel utilization, to not share in time.


Fuente de la información sobre GSM:


One hertz is one cycle per second, meaning repeating cycle as an event. For example, hertz is applied physics measuring the number of times for a second wave (either acoustic or electromagnetic) is repeated or can be applied, among other uses, to ocean waves that reach the Beach vibrations per second or a solid. The quantity that measures the frequency hertz is called,in this regard, the inverse of the period. One hertz is an oscillation frequency of suffering a particle over a period of one second.

Fuente de la información sobre mhz:

Impedance Ω

The impedance (Z) is a measure of opposition that a circuit to a current when a voltage is applied. The impedance extends the concept of resistance circuits alternating current (AC), and has both magnitude and phase, unlike resistance, which has only magnitude. When a circuit is powered with direct current (DC), there is no distinction between the impedance and resistance; the latter can be thought csa impedance with zero phase angle.

Fuente de la información sobre Ohm:


VDC would be the abbreviation for Volt Direct Current which translated would volts direct current. The idea of ??this type is unidirectional current to the load. Direct current is normally produced by batteries, thermocouples, solar cells and a dynamo electric machine type. The direct current can flow in conductors such as wires, but may also flow through semiconductors, insulators ... In the image: 1 - current per pulse 2 - Direct Current (DC) 3 - Alternating Current (AC) 4 - Variable Current


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