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LED Source

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LED Lighting propagation through optical fiber. The combination of fiber optic LED light generator, get spectacular effects and its applications are many. The system consists of a generator of LED light (illuminating) optical fiber that is connected. The light propagates through the fiber to reach the opposite end of the optical fiber, brilliantly illuminating. The generator light (illuminator) isthe only component that needs power and can be hidden in any secure part. The fiber optic cables are isolated, they are safe, can be installed outdoors, in water, flammable areas, and do not generate heat by lighting. Ideal for decoration and lighting, interior lighting, make starry ceilings, garden lighting, commercial signs, etc..

FacilityLED lighting with fiber optics propagation requires two distinct parts:
  1. The LED light emitter (LED illuminator). It is an LED bulb in which the optical fiber is connected. The illuminator can be monochrome (single color of light) or RGB (various colors programmable by remote control).
  2. Use fiber optic LED light which spreads generated by the illuminator. It can be aa single fiber, or have multiple endings that divide the light. You can also have different fiber thicknesses (thicker fiber transmits more light). And the length of the fiber can also be variable (up to 4m there is very little loss but from the loss of light 4m increases).
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